Time & Tied Index

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BOOK 1: A time machine changes the life of Carrie and her friends.

PART 1: Carrie discovers a time machine.

PART 2: Frank tries to return Carrie to her present.

PART 3: Carrie admits something about her mother.

PART 4: Frank and Carrie try to change the past.

PART 5: Frank and Carrie become trapped in the past.

PART 6: A mysterious saviour appears. End Arc 1.1

PART 7: Julie is suspicious when Carrie loops her timeline.

PART 8: Carrie continues to try and change the past.

PART 9: More people become aware of the Carrie/Frank situation.

PART 10: Temporal theory explained, like the Bootstrap Paradox.

PART 11: Clarke reflects on Julie and events in his past.

PART 12: Julie confirms what Carrie’s been up to. End Arc 1.2

PART 13: “Back to the Future” time travel tribute.

PART 14: “Back to the Future” tribute, Part II.

PART 15: Somehow, Luci knows about the time machine.

PART 16: Exploring Luci’s relationship with Frank.

PART 17: Chartreuse creates the 2DEGS to counter Julie and Corry.

PART 18: Full cast, school dance, it all goes badly. End Arc 1.3

PART 19: Carrie, Frank and Luci plan a pivotal time trip.

PART 20: Carrie realizes she’s been in the wrong.

PART 21: Chartreuse desperately tries to fix things.

PART 22: Julie’s plans come to fruition.

PART 23: Carrie gives up, Chartreuse doesn’t.

PART 24: Nothing’s the same any more. End Arc 1.4


BOOK 2: The origins of the time machine, and a suicide gone wrong.

PART 25: Luci revisits her first days at school.

PART 26: Luci meddles in Julie and Carrie’s past.

PART 27: Genesis of the Julie/Corry rivalry.

PART 28: Julie takes things too far.

PART 29: Time machine repairs go awry.

PART 30: Luci faces some hard truths. End Arc 2.1

PART 31: The time machine is revealed to more classmates.

PART 32: A future trip doesn’t end as expected.

PART 33: Julie reveals everything to Clarke.

PART 34: The time machine’s gone and Carrie’s in trouble.

PART 35: Mr. Waterson pulls together some plot threads.

PART 36: A mysterious saviour isn’t very helpful. End Arc 2.2 

PART 37: A plan to fix everything has some problems.

PART 38: Coming Together; now everyone knows.

PART 39: The reactions from Corry and Lee.

PART 40: The fix is paradoxically in, with help from Tim.

PART 41: Problems in the past, and the present.

PART 42: Luci has a theory; so does someone else. End Arc 2.3

PART 43: Everyone is reaching their breaking points.

PART 44: Conclusion of Julie’s arc.

PART 45: In trying to help Carrie, Luci realizes something.

PART 46: Endgame for Shady and Carrie.

PART 47: All’s well that ends… but has it ended? End Arc 2.4


BOOK 3: How the future conflict has spilled into the past.

PART 48: Carrie interrupts her birthday.

PART 49: A new student in senior year.

PART 50: Carrie tries to carry on with her life.

PART 51: Chartreuse tells a story about her powers.

PART 52: One story ends, another begins. End Arc 3.1

PART 53: How time travel’s affected Julie and Carrie.

PART 54: Revelations in the LaMille mansion.

PART 55: Everyone’s gathering for another school dance.

PART 56: Carrie to the rescue? Julie? Anyone?

PART 57: The King family has some issues.

PART 58: Time travel resolves things, for now. End Arc 3.2

PART 59a & 59b: Factions at the school are plotting.

PART 60a & 60b: Attacks by Joe, Tommy, Megan and – who?

PART 61a & 61b: The future war, and Glen’s role.

PART 62a & 62b: Handling Mindy along with timeline theory.

PART 63a & 63b: Luci and Carrie have their say.

PART 64a & 64b: Temporal banishment. End Arc 3.3

PART 65a & 65b: Clarke tells his sister about the fallout.

PART 66a & 66b: The consequences for Julie.

PART 67a & 67b: Hank Waterson writes about animals.

PART 68a & 68b: The animal story becomes foreshadowing?

PART 69a & 69b: Time machine explained amid Frank/Luci issues.

PART 70a & 70b: Carrie makes a decision. End Arc 3.4


BOOK 4: Carrie needs help to fight her ultimate destiny.

PART 71a & 71b: Consulting Clarke’s sister Mary.

PART 72a & 72b: Carrie and Julie open up.

PART 73a & 73b: Laurie + Chartreuse discuss a violin.

PART 74a & 74b: Now in the heads of Megan + Corry.

PART 75a & 75b: Chartreuse romances, others chat.

PART 76a & 76b: Chartreuse needs Tim to talk to Julie.

PART 77a & 77b: Tim’s mission hits some snags. End Arc 4.1

PART 78a & 78b: Getting ready for the school talent show.

PART 79a & 79b: The collision of Chartreuse, Megan and the Venitis.

PART 80a & 80b: Carrie’s gone.

PART 81a & 81b: Fitting the pieces together.

PART 82a & 82b: Handling Mindy and Glen.

PART 83a & 83b: Time travel theory and a plan. End Arc 4.2

PART 84a & 84b: Dealing with Beth in the present.

PART 85a & 85b: Fixing loose ends before going back.

PART 86a & 86b: Dealing with Miami International Airport.

PART 87a & 87b: Everything breaks down.

PART 88a & 88b: Escape – to the future?

PART 89a & 89b: Jumping timeline tracks. End Arc 4.3

PART 90a & 90b: The future picture becomes clearer.

PART 91a & 91b: Old friends in a new scenario.

PART 92a & 92b: Trying to keep Carrie from noticing them.

PART 93a & 93b: Timeline twisting.

PART 94a & 94b: Preparations, realizations.

PART 95a & 95b: Carrie, with and against herself.

PART 96a & 96b & 96c: Victory? End Arc 4.4


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. There may be a sequel (in progress).