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These are Serial Stories that don’t fit anywhere else. Likely will be previously written works I hadn’t put online.


NOTE: Each case file can stand alone, but there is some continuity, much like with Sherlock Holmes.

Quick Introduction (Jan 7 2018)

CASE FILE #1: Invisible Girl: A client wants Melissa to deal with his imaginary friend. James learns more about magic.

Entry 1A (Jan 21)

Entry 1B (Feb 4)

Entry 1C (Feb 18)

Entry 1D (Mar 4)

CASE FILE #2: Net Worth: A client is being attacked electronically, Melissa investigates. James remains infatuated.

Entry 2A (Mar 18)

Entry 2B (Apr 8, after this on Apr 1)

Entry 2C (Apr 15)

Entry 2D (Apr 29)

CASE FILE #3: BorderLine: Melissa’s past reveals more about her morals, and James can’t avoid being involved.

Entry 3A (May 13)

Entry 3B (May 27)

Entry 3C (June 10)

Entry 3D (June 24)

BALANCING ACT: It’s years later, and James is graduating. What will become of the agency, and why is Melissa becoming a target?

ACT 1: Of Witches and Demons

Act 1A (Jan 27 2019)

Act 1B (Feb 10)

Act 1C (Feb 24)

Act 1D (Mar 10)

Act 1E (Mar 24)

Act 1F (Apr 7)

ACT 2: Of Vampyres and Genies

Act 2A (Apr 21)

Act 2B (May 5)

Act 2C (May 19)

Act 2D (June 2)

Act 2E (June 16)

ACT 3: Of Lycans and Prophecies

Act 3A (June 30)

Act 3B (July 14)

Act 3C (July 28)

Act 3D (August 11)

Act 3E (August 25)

ACT 4: Of Parents and Programming

Act 4A (Sept 8)

Act 4B (Sept 22)

Act 4C (Oct 6)

Act 4D (Oct 20)

Act 4E (Nov 3)

ACT 5: Of Zombies and Zealots

Act 5A (Nov 17)

Act 5B (Dec 1)

Act 5C (Dec 15)

Act 5D (Dec 29)

Act 5E (Jan 12)

ACT 6: Of Melissa and James

Act 6A (Jan 26)

Act 6B (Feb 9)

Act 6C (Feb 23)

Act 6D (Mar 8)

Act 6E (Mar 22)

Act 6F (Apr 5)

(This marks the end of Virga Mysteries)