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NOTE: Each “Epsilon” story can stand alone, though some characters do return for later stories. The index is presented in reverse, with the most recent updates here at the top, since that’s where the current voting takes place.

STORY 6: A mystery illness is jumping dimensions. (ran in 2020/2021)

CAST: Trixie, Para, and Alijda.

INDEX PAGE: “Smoke with Mirrors”

PART 18: Reaching an agreement

PART 17: Clover’s base is revealed

PART 16: Troubling doors & mirrors

PART 15: Trixie prepares, double time

PART 14: Alice discovers a doppelganger

PART 13: Para chats

PART 12: Trixie interrogates

PART 11: Beam investigates

PART 10: Attempts to extract the team

PART 9: The Station learns of the situation

PART 8: Trixie and Alice discover trouble

PART 7: Suspicious park activity

PART 6: Consulting a former Epsilon character

PART 5: Alijda discovers something, Fate’s upset

PART 4: Trixie learns more of Beam and viruses

PART 3: Beam has problems, Trixie has questions

PART 2: Para shows Trixie a video of what’s happened

PART 1: Meet Trixie, a techno-witch


STORY 5: Infiltrating a school that knows about multiple dimensions. (ran in 2018)

CAST: Chartreuse, Para. Also Alice.

INDEX PAGE: “Chanced Erasures”

PART 14: Council secrets are revealed.

PART 13: How does this work then?

PART 12: Hoping for a voice of reason.

PART 11: Escaping, again?

PART 10: A new complication

PART 9: Getting closer to Alice.

PART 8: A shadow Council is revealed.

PART 7: Alice unbricks her cell.

PART 6: A mystery in the music room.

PART 5: To the infirmary.

PART 4: An interrogation tape.

PART 3: Exploring the school after hours.

PART 2: Para and Chartreuse meet a local.

PART 1: Chartreuse is recruited.


STORY 4: A station in the multiverse is in trouble. (ran in 2017)

CAST: Rose, Kat, Alice, Alijda (Alison). Also Beam.

INDEX PAGE: “Epsilon Delta”

PART 16: Final conflict – or is it?

PART 15: The power was there all along.

PART 14: The situation becomes clear.

PART 13: Learning what became of Beam.

PART 12: Kat and Rose sort things out.

PART 11: Alijda tries to help.

PART 10: Rose still has Beam issues.

PART 9: The plot transitions to Destiny.

PART 8: Chasing down an Army.

PART 7: Discoveries in a house.

PART 6: Relationships, planetside.

PART 5: Part of the mystery’s solved.

PART 4: Finding issues and power.

PART 3: Handling the problem?

PART 2: Getting up to the station.

PART 1: Rose is somehow in charge.


STORY 3: A small scale world is being invaded by large scale objects. (ran in 2016)

CAST: Alijda (Alison), Kat, Para. Also Alice.

INDEX PAGE“Full Scale Invasion”

PART 17: The consequences

PART 16: The invasion

PART 15: Into enemy territory

PART 14: Truth about ClydeCScaling

PART 13: Pretty Phlebotium

PART 12: Everyone versus a thimble.

PART 11: Queeny arrives.

PART 10: Station life.

PART 9: The magic user’s club.

PART 8: Out of the DEO, into the fire.

PART 7: Helping Bonnie out – or are they?

PART 6: More about the DEO.

PART 5: More about the world they’re on.

PART 4: Everyone’s forcibly taken to somewhere.

PART 3: Testing the new circuits by starting the mission.

PART 2: Meet Kat, a pyrokinetic.

PART 1: Alison/Alijda is back, betraying a trust.


STORY 2: An artifact is granting wishes on a fantasy world. (ran in 2015)

CAST: Chartreuse, Simon. Also Azure.

INDEX PAGE: “Wish Fulfilment

PART 17: Bonus part.

PART 16: Reflecting on their actions.

PART 15: A matter of vision.

PART 14: Final preparations complete.

PART 13: A plan to fight against magic.

PART 12: Splitting the party.

PART 11: The three member team has many questions.BWishesC

PART 10: Calling for backup.

PART 9: Imprisoned in Wanda’s history.

PART 8: Magic showdown.

PART 7: Visiting the Wizard’s Sanctuary.

PART 6: Finding mystic information.

PART 5: A trip to the dungeons.

PART 4: Getting into the castle.

PART 3: A local elf provides shelter.

PART 2: The pair get into some trouble.

PART 1: Alice sends Simon to meet Chartreuse.


STORY 1People with powers learn that someone is messing with clocks. (ran in 2014)

CAST: Alijda (Alison), Mason, Para. Also Alice.

INDEX PAGE: “Numbers Game

PART 12: Recruitment decisions.

PART 11: Returning to the Project with their problems.

PART 10: Final showdown.

PART 9: Final preparations.

PART 8: The results of Alison’s subterfuge.

PART 7: The problem is identified, the solution is elusive.

PART 6: Alison does what she does best.ARomanIV

PART 5: Breaking into the clock tower.

PART 4: A visit to Big Ben.

PART 3: Information about Alison/Alijda’s past.

PART 2: The Project identifies a Roman Numeral problem.

PART 1: A teleporter meets a Time Lord and a parabola.

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