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STORY 1People with powers learn that someone is messing with clocks.

Numbers Game

ARomanIVPART 1: A teleporter meets a Time Lord and a parabola.

PART 2: The Project identifies a Roman Numeral problem.

PART 3: Information about Alison/Alijda’s past.

PART 4: A visit to Big Ben.

PART 5: Breaking into the clock tower.

PART 6: Alison does what she does best.

PART 7: The problem is identified, the solution is elusive.

PART 8: The results of Alison’s subterfuge.

PART 9: Final preparations.

PART 10: Final showdown.

PART 11: Returning to the Project with their problems.

PART 12: Recruitment decisions.


STORY 2: An artifact is granting wishes on a fantasy world.

Wish Fulfilment

BWishesCPART 1: Alice sends Simon to meet Chartreuse.

PART 2: The pair get into some trouble.

PART 3: A local elf provides shelter.

PART 4: Getting into the castle.

PART 5: A trip to the dungeons.

PART 6: Finding mystic information.

PART 7: Visiting the Wizard’s Sanctuary.

PART 8: Magic showdown.

PART 9: Imprisoned in Wanda’s history.

PART 10: Calling for backup.

PART 11: The three member team has many questions.

PART 12: Splitting the party.

PART 13: A plan to fight against magic.

PART 14: Final preparations complete.

PART 15: A matter of vision.

PART 16: Reflecting on their actions.

PART 17: Bonus part.


STORY 3: A small scale world is being invaded by large scale objects.

“Full Scale Invasion”

CScalingPART 1: Alison/Alijda is back, betraying a trust.

PART 2: Meet Kat, a pyrokinetic.

PART 3: Testing the new circuits by starting the mission.

PART 4: Everyone’s forcibly taken to somewhere.

PART 5: More about the world they’re on.

PART 6: More about the DEO.

PART 7: Helping Bonnie out – or are they?

PART 8: Out of the DEO, into the fire.

PART 9: The magic user’s club.

PART 10: Station life.

PART 11: Queeny arrives.

PART 12: Everyone versus a thimble.

PART 13: Pretty Phlebotium

PART 14: Truth about Clyde

PART 15: Into enemy territory

PART 16: The invasion

PART 17: The consequences

SERIAL CONCLUDED (temporarily?)