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Gregory Taylor is a mathematics teacher in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Music. He also has a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University for teaching Math and Computers. In his spare time, he writes. A lot.

In the late 1990s, he was an editor and serial writer for UW’s mathNEWS. In the early 2000s, he was Chief Scriptwriter for FASS, and he won the Grand Prize for fanfiction at Anime North. Subsequently, he helped to judge fanfiction contests himself. In 2011, he started a serial personifying mathematics. It’s since become a webcomic. Now he has this blog for serial writing. Actually, he has several sites – see the sidebar.

To contact him, try:  mathtans@gmail.com.com  – without repeating the .com



Time travel has always been a particular fascination, dating back at least as far as a short story written in Grade 8. “Time & Tied” itself (formerly “Time Trippers”) had it’s genesis some time in the 90s, and was actually put to “paper” (typed) between 2000 and 2009. It was subsequently revised (many times), and is now being published (and illustrated) here. Partly in the hopes that the author will get around to writing the sequel (Book 5) that he’s been thinking about, assuming people out there are interested.



“Epsilon Project” is a set of stand-alone stories, occurring in a multiverse, with reader votes determining the course of the plot. It came about from a desire to do something with the significant number of characters that the author has created over the years. (From time travel, to that personified mathematics, to a couple JulNoWriMo and a NaNoWriMo, to a lot of role-play.) Feel free to check out some of those prior links, if you want to see character origins. And/or contact Gregory, as above! He gets lonely sometimes.

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