General l’Hopital: Entry 1b

you were warned…

“He’s had some improbable reaction!” Dr. Waterson realized. “Send out copies of his history charts, STAT!!”

The on-duty med, Ian, blinked out of his reverie. “Which means – do I Gauss at the distribution?” he asked.

The doctor turned from her patient patiently. “Good gravy, don’t be a turkey,” she admonished. “You don’t need to Gauss, just be Normal.”

Ian stopped yammering and rushed out of room 230 as Mr. Venn came in. “I heard about the mode blue… are we covered this time?” he wondered.

“No, this isn’t a front page issue, it’s small potatoes,” came the reply.

“Let’s give thanks for that,” Venn sighed. “But we should keep such random events discrete or the press may gobble them up.”

Dr. Waterson frowned. “You’re not stuffing this into the same category as the others?”

“No… and that decision is unconditional,” Venn affirmed. “We can’t get pie-eyed over this.”

“But this time it was because the orderly brought by no meal…”

“No meal distribution?” Venn paused. “Well, run a uniform check,” he relented. Dr. Waterson nodded. She hoped the events weren’t independent. Even if it sounded corny, cobbled together.


Meanwhile, elsewhere, Sir Vay was getting upset. “I won’t be a target!” he stated.

“But what you knit was not a tribute,” Max noted. “Your very ability –“

“No! I won’t take the fall,” Vay cut in coldly, squashing any further conversation. Max sighed – he knew when he was whipped. But this was still a Sir Vay error… that could drive people out of their gourd. He had to do something before full punishment could be meted out…


To be… or not to be

–Greg “hologrami” Taylor

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[NOTE: Came out in early October, 1997. Food references are due to Canadian Thanksgiving being around this time. STAT230 also crept in as a course code, with many distributions, such as “by no meal”.]

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