General l’Hopital: Entry 1a

mathNEWS, Volume 75, issue 1 : Friday, September 26, 1997

[Yes, that’s literally all we have for the start of my mathNEWS serials (and “Hopital” in particular), cover art. Not even my first mN cover art. For those who don’t know, mathNEWS covers were reader submissions, much like many articles themselves. When no art was submitted, it was up to the editors to whip up some graphics or stick men or… check in with the people pulling the issue together.

For the record, my twelve covers were: (1) Volume 69, Issue 4. (Nov 10, 1995). (2) Volume 69, Issue 5. (Nov 24, 1995). (3) Volume 69, Issue 6. (Dec 5, 1995). (4) Volume 71, Issue 1. (May 17, 1996). (5) Volume 71, Issue 5. (July 12, 1996). (6*) Volume 75, Issue 1. (Sept 26, 1997). (7) Volume 78, Issue 2. (Oct 2, 1998). (8) Volume 81, Issue 2. (Oct 8, 1999). (9) Volume 82, Issue 1. (Jan 21, 2000). (10) Volume 82, Issue 5. (Mar 17, 2000). (11) Volume 84, Issue 6. (Dec 1, 2000). (12) Volume 85, Issue 1. (Jan 19, 2001). *: see above

I also provided cover art for Volume 84, Issue 0 (Frosh Issue, Sept 2000) and appeared in person as part of group photographs for Volume 78, Issue 5 (Nov 6, 1998) – the “Square One” parody issue – and on Volume 86, Issue 2 (June 1, 2001) – the “Iron Chef” parody article. Miscellaneous other drawings of mine appeared briefly in Volume 80, Issue 8 (“Irrational Toast”, July 28, 1999), throughout Volume 83, Issue 4 (“DaGlobeNPost”, July 12, 2000) and briefly in Volume 88, Issue 7 (“Toronto Moon”, March 22, 2002).

So I was dabbling in art well before my personified math webcomic. (Hey, have you checked that out?) Draw your own conclusions about how long I spent at University.

At any rate, this single cover would be spun into a set of entries for the rest of Volume 75. Hope you enjoy.

As a bonus for reading this far, here is the first draft of the relevant cover art. Along with the different dialogue, note the absence of my marker, the Trek-KnightRider-QuantumLeap-Sliders-SMoon emblem on the file cabinet. It appears on all my official mathNEWS cover art.]

–Greg “hologrami” Taylor

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    1. Hmm, sort of? It’d become my first math serial, but I did mention doing other covers previously. As such I suppose my first (stand alone) math comic might be the one from Volume 69 in 1995… though that was a Star Trek Voyager parody versus being something real original. (Doesn’t look like I can upload pictures into comments. Maybe I’ll put all my covers online at some point later.)

      Interesting observation, hadn’t considered that angle. Thanks for the comment!


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