Time Untied Characters

Hello all! Apologies for the silence. I didn’t think I’d really be missed.

I’ve been devoting more time in the past month to “Time Untied” (given the waning views on the latest ‘Epsilon‘ — don’t worry, I will finish it — and the yearly NaNoWriMo efforts). Currently “Untied” is at 150,000 words and we’re at one of the two major events I was aiming for.

Yeah, the serial is going to be two Books again (like “Time & Tied” Books 1/2 and 3/4 were full arcs with a breakpoint). I’ll figure out how to break things up whenever I get through it. I can’t post here as I write owing to the time travel messing with earlier scenes.

Still, I figure you should see more of what’s going on there. Hence this character page with information.

I’ve been trying to cut my “point of view” characters back (from almost the full cast), meaning I shift only between three, hence the first category. Any commentary welcome. Enjoy!


Commission by: Sabrina Salamon

Carrie Elizabeth Waterson

-Born: Aries (March 26th)
-From: Small Ontario town.
-Long blonde hair, usually loose. Caucasian. Eyes: Blue
-Sexual Orientation: Lesbian. (Dating Chartreuse)

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with IRVING.
-Major: Science (Health Science)
-Ability: Temporal.
-Quote: “You could walk away and live a normal life. Last chance.”

Commission by: Mharz

Jennifer “Jenny” Irving

-Born: Aquarius (Jan20-Feb18)
-From: UK/Scotland. Raised in Ontario 4 yrs.
-Short red hair. Caucasian. Eyes: Green
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with CARRIE.
-Major: Science (Astronomy)
-Ability: Existing… should she be dead?
-Quote: “This feels like you’re breaking relativity.”

Commission by: Ursula Gray

Sherlock Wright

-Born: Sagittarius (Dec 2nd)
-From: Ottawa
-Short curly brown hair. Brown skin. Eyes: Brown.
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with CAREY.
-Major: Arts (Drama)
-Ability: Deduction.
-Quote: “It does fit the facts, barring new information.”


Commission by: Mouds_art

Heather Bright

-Born: Capricorn (Dec 31?)
-From: Raised in Ottawa.
-Short brown hair. Latina heritage. Eyes: Brown.
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual?

-3rd year. ROOMS ALONE. (Corner room)
-Major: Engineering
-Ability: Inventing.
-Quote: “None of your damn business.”

Commission by: pappomut

Peaches Nancy Creme

-Born: Aries (April 1st)
-From: BC (Penticton?)
-Long blonde hair, usually ponytail. Caucasian. Eyes: Blue
-Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

-Major: Science (Psychology)
-Ability: Hypersexuality.
-Quote: “Sorry. I’ve made this weird.”

Commission by: Ruuari

Chartreuse Vermilion

-Born: Pisces (late Feb)
-From: Small Ontario town.
-Blonde hair but always dyed, lately pink. Caucasian. Eyes: Green
-Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. (Dating Carrie)

-1st YEAR. AT CARLETON U (not Ottawa).
-Ability: Divination.
-Quote: “You have TOTALLY interesting friends here, Carrie.”

Commission by: Mharz

Virginia “Ginny” Irving

-Born: Aquarius (Jan20-Feb18)
-From: UK/Scotland. Raised in Ontario 3 yrs.
-Red long hair, loose. Caucasian. Eyes: Green
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with CARRIE.
-Major: Science (Physics)
-Ability: Existing… should she be dead?
-Quote: “You have got to be kidding me.”

IMAGE: none Carey Waterson

-Born: ??? From: ???
-Short blonde hair. Caucasian. Eyes: Blue
-Sexual Orientation: ???

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with SHERLOCK.
-Major: Science (Health Science)
-Ability: ???
-Quote: “Weird coincidence.”

IMAGE: none Albert “Al” Abrams

-Born: ??? From: Out of Town
-Short Blonde hair. Caucasian. Eyes: Dark
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with ROBIN.
-Major: Business.
-Ability: Content creator.
-Quote: “It’ll likely be on my channel by the end of the month.”


Commission by: krakenface

Frank Bernard Dijora

-Born: Virgo (Sept 3rd).
-From: Small Ontario town.
-Short brown hair. Caucasian. Eyes: Brown, glasses.
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

-1ST YEAR. AT UWATERLOO (not Ottawa).
-Major: Mathematics
-Ability: Tinkering.
-Quote: “I can say that you’re asking the right questions.”

IMAGE: none Sakura Edo

-Born: ?? From: Ottawa?
-Short dark hair. Asian. Eyes: Dark
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with APRIL.
-Major: Arts
-Ability: Polygraph.
-Quote: “I think you heard me.”

IMAGE: none Marguerite Collier

-Born: ?? From: Quebec.
-Long, dark, wavy hair. Caucasian. Eyes: Brown
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual?

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with PEACHES.
-Major: Biology.
-Ability: Slight of hand.
-Quote: “Can we not focus?”

IMAGE: none Robin “Rob” Jacobs

-Born: ??
-Short dark hair. Attempt at a beard. Caucasian.
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual?

-1ST YEAR. Rooms with ALBERT.
-Major: Arts (Photography?)
-Ability: Being a jerk.
-Quote: “If you don’t have drinks, I don’t care.”

So there you have it. Three main characters, five other key characters (sort of six), and four more who appear from time to time. Thanks for taking a look!

Let me know if any of them leave you wanting more information, or if you think it would be worth it to post some excerpts of what is likely to come.

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