Smoke with Mirrors INDEX


WB (Writing Bufferless) presents…


Every Epsilon story can stand alone. That said, in Story 5, the crew were trying to locate a company that was having seemingly illicit dealings across the dimensions. Now, according to prior voting, we proceed…

Story 6 of ???


A mystery illness is jumping dimensions. Who are you going to call? Possibly a techno-witch. Find out more by reading below.


TRIXIE VIRGA … A twenty-something techno-witch (from Virga Mysteries)

PARA BOLA … A personified quadratic function (from Personified Math)

ALIJDA VAN VLIET … A melancholy teleporter (from an RP campaign)

ALICE, FATE & BEAM … The team running the Station


1. Have an Ice Day (May 17)

2. Viral Video (May 31)

3. Bunny Can’t Buy Happiness (June 14)

4. Balance Beams (June 28)

5. An Arrested Development (July 13)

6. Perspective Shift (July 26)

7. Double Park (Aug 9)

8. Enter and Break (Aug 23)

9. Elevator Pitch (Sept 6)

10. Mind Games (Sept 23)

11. Before the Dawn (Oct 4)

12. Who Runs the Asylum (Oct 18 Nov 15)

13. Ad Hoc Talk (Dec 21)

14. What the H? (Jan 10)

15. Self Doubts (Feb 14)

16. Door Stop (Feb 28)

17. Field Work (Mar 14)

18. BONUS Space Battle (Apr 1)

18. Over Clover (Mar 28 Apr 12)


Story #6 is Concluded


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