Chanced Erasures INDEX


WB (Writing Bufferless) presents…


Every Epsilon story can stand alone. That said, in Story 4, Fate Wallace-Wray took over the Epsilon Project, following a curious case of someone obtaining illicit dimensional knowledge. Now, according to last week’s vote, we proceed.

Story 5 of ???


Following the apparent abduction of Alice, an elite squad is called in to investigate. Chartreuse and Para infiltrate a school on a tech-rich world, and after hours on campus, find a mysterious trail… and hints of there being a shadow council involved? Find out more by reading below.



CHARTREUSE VERMILION … A mystic teenager (from T&T)

PARA BOLA … A personified quadratic function

ALICE VUNDERLANDE … A woman with eidetic memory and pop culture references



1. Taken (Jul 8)

2. Room – or has it? (Jul 22)

3. Cabinet Shuffle (Aug 7)

4. Missing Links (Aug 19)

5. Medical Alert (Sept 2)

6. Strange Cymbals (Sept 16)

7. Jailbreak (Sept 30)

8. Shadow Cat? (Oct 14 Oct 21)

9. Spell Check (Nov 4)

10. Rip Tied (Nov 18)

11. Loose Thred (Dec 2)

12. Self Reflection (Dec 16)

13. A Sam Rang (Dec 30)

14. A Mew Sing (Jan 13)

Story #5 is Concluded.


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