Plot Voting 5

The last part of the “University Witch”/”Virga Mysteries” cases runs tomorrow, finishing off June. So, as per usual, an “Epsilon” story will fill the void between pre-written stories. In theory, school will finally be out, giving me lots of time to write, but in practice, I now have a baby daughter, so she gets priority… meaning we’ll stick with updates every two weeks.

As far as plot voting, I’m tossing out some pretty generic plots here, because (as usual) the whole story gets made up on the fly, and I don’t have much of a scaffold in mind yet. (Very busy time of year.) Feel free to offer comments on why you picked what you did, in terms of anything you’d hope to see.



As far as character voting goes, Chartreuse will return from “Wish Fulfilment”, now that all of “Time & Tied” has been put on the blog. She had the highest votes after first appearing, but I wanted to get her backstory out as a matter of record. This story would then take place after all previous stories involving the mystical bisexual teen, but before “Time Untied”.

Should she appear with someone else? Let me know!


Thanks for reading, do consider voting and following along. After almost four years of regular posts, it would be nice to keep more than four people interested. Helps with incentive and all that.

Polls will close at MIDNIGHT after Sunday, July 1st, or that’s the plan for now. Spread the word.


    1. Hi again Steve, thanks for sticking with it! I admit even I have a tendency to binge read other serials as soon as I fall behind. Hope you enjoy Melissa’s story, and thanks for the votes here. Things are well, school’s indeed out, and Alexandra’s a cutie. I signed up for Camp NaNo, so that should encourage more writing too. Hope you’re well!

      Incidentally, for anyone who just votes then skips down to the comments – y’all know there’s two polls, right? Or do people just not have an opinion about characters?


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