No Update: Hiatus

Sorry everyone. No “Epsilon Project: Epsilon Delta” update today, or for the foreseeable future. After over 3 years of keeping to a schedule, I have finally met my match. I cannot teach a completely new course at school (namely Computer Science, a subject for which my qualifications are 10 years out of date) and hope to have any sort of other life. Which is a problem, because other things *are happening* in said life.

To cope, I started clawing back social events in late September. They’re pretty draining anyway. Then it was extra curricular efforts at school. More recently, earlier this week, I completely dropped social media in the hope that it might give me time to write an entry here. Nope. (Spent time dealing with the damn course.) I can’t keep up. We’ve reached the point of actual panic attacks at work. I’ll be seeing a doctor in the foreseeable future.

I tend to be “off” or “on” – I’m switching to “off”. Serial, off. Math comic, off. Recreational writing, off. Mental health thing. I’ve been here before, just not for this particular brand of misery. (I’m used to being down on myself, not down on my job.)

I don’t know how this will play out. I do know the following:

-If I end up with some sort of stress medical leave, the first thing I “resume” writing will be some reviews for the “Time Travel Nexus”. Because they’ve recently extended a branch, and that’s an incredible opportunity, and something I really want to do. It also gets me back into time travel, hence closer to “Time Untied”. So it’ll be a while for my personal blogs.

-I will post some sort of update here before the end of November. My HOPE is that it’s the next “Epsilon” entry, and if so, I’ll keep voting open for a couple weeks and gear back into it gradually. See, I know WHAT I want write I just have NO TIME. Also, everything’s a misery because of the millstone around my neck. I do really want “Epsilon” to be done before the annual horror that is late January though, so that I can start into pre-written material (blogged about here, voting still open). Again, we’ll see how this plays out.

-Related, if you follow my comic, the plan is to resume there only once “Epsilon” finishes here. Running the both of them at once was crazy, each of them takes me about 6-8 hours to do, effectively an entire Saturday every two weeks. I can’t spend my weekends doing things I enjoy any more. Not feasible.

-If I can, I’ll probably poke a stick at NaNoWriMo next month, using it as a vehicle for coaxing myself out of the deep well of computer-related anxiety I’ve found myself in. I knew last month I’d have no hope of 50k, report cards being a thing. I now wonder if 10k is even feasible. A draft of “Time Untied” probably won’t see the light of day before 2019 at this rate. But again, we’ll see.

-This is key: There’s another EXCELLENT interactive serial out there, “Redwood Crossing”. I’ve actually been able to almost keep up with reading it these past six weeks (to the exclusion of other blogs). Many cute girls. You should check that out in my absence, kaleidofish is good people. Voting’s still open to the end of Sunday.

-The other thing you can do if you like is keep tabs on this Facebook Author page I have for tracking purposes. To know when I’m back. Or find me as “mathtans” most everywhere on the web, since FB doesn’t like to update people on my existence.


Thanks for reading. To the four or five people who actually vote, my extra thanks. I hope you’ll be back in a month, or six weeks, or next year, or however long it takes to get joy back into my life. Peace out.


  1. I’m sorry to hear that your mental health is still in jeopardy, and I really hope taking a break helps you sort everything out. D: I’m definitely rooting for you to bounce back.


    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! I’m in less jeopardy now, on medical leave and medication, so we’ll see how it pans out. I’ll be continuing the Thursday comic chats at least, because that’s one of the few social interactions I’m involved with these days that I still enjoy. 😀

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    1. Thanks for leaving the comment. It’s cool that you’re still keeping up with my less mathematical fiction writing. Things are looking better now, peace back at you.


  2. Do what you have to do! I’ll miss the updates on epsilon but you need to take care of yourself first. No worries I’ll keep an eye open for your next installment, until then take things one day at a time one piece at a time and try not to let the whole overwhelm you.


    1. Thanks for your reassurances! Part of the issue was I could only manage days in, like, six hour long chunks, which is really no way to live a life. The medical leave and medications I was prescribed should help me out now, so I’m pretty certain there will be a November story update. Time will tell, either way I appreciate the comment.


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