Epsilon Delta INDEX


WB (Writing Bufferless) presents…


Every Epsilon story can stand alone. That said, in Story 3, the Epsilon Project ended by shutting down, after the unintended consequences of a vote meant Alice broke the rules. So how can it be back? Well, according to last week’s vote, by being in trouble.

Story 4 of ???


The Epsilon Station is in trouble, resulting in the reunion of a number of former characters. What is the cause? How can they fix it, assuming they even want to? Is this really enough of a plot, or is this intro going to be rewritten after a few votes? Let’s find out.



ROSEMARY THORNE (aka “Rose”) … A musical teenager with Algebra Connections

KATHERINE CONWAY (aka “Kat”) … A military man with Pyrokinesis

ALISON VUNDERLANDE (aka “Alice”) … A pop-culture woman with an Eidetic Memory

ALIJDA VAN VLIET (aka “Alison”) … A female hacker with Teleportation



1. Beam & Me, Up  (June 4)

2. How Far She’ll Go  (June 11)

3. ???  (Coming June 18)


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