TTC: Commentary 20

“Time & Tied” PARTS 59-60
1. Original Date Of Completion: SEPTEMBER 5, 2003
2. What I Was Doing: In Ottawa, looking for a teaching job
3. Changes of note:
-Hunt thinking to himself became talking to Melanie Willis
-Computer teacher is now Mr. Burke, another shout-out
-Added mention of Catholic religion

“Time & Tied” PARTS 61-62
1. Original Date Of Completion: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003
2. What I Was Doing: In Ottawa, looking for a teaching job
3. Changes of note:
-Carrie/Glen timeline discussion altered to increase coherency


Commission from Gen Ishihara


I mentioned back in Commentary #8 that I’d created class schedules for my characters, following the writing of Part 18. Some months later, I photographed 2015 coins on the manual sheet for those schedules in Commentary #15. Hard to read there, so I’ve decided to provide them for you in this post. For a couple reasons.

First, to point out how Book 3 keeps the “Semester Two” schedule, importing it into “September” – I mean, why draw up a new senior year schedule? Second, because this is possibly the last time their courses are relevant to the story. Originally, it helped not merely to know where they were, but for the sort of electives they took. Fringe benefit, I then knew the classes when Mindy rammed the van into the library.

Most were in Physics. Carrie (and Laurie and Glen, identical to Carrie) were in drama. And Corry, well, you’ll see was listed in physics too, but it felt more sensible to have him meet Julie in the hall. (Maybe he was skipping class!) There’s no more focus on the school for the rest of Book 3, and when the school is revisited in Book 4, course schedules are unlikely to be a major issue. So enjoy!


NAME Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
CARRIE ..Maths.. Home Ec PhysEd Geography
FRANK Maths French Chemistry Geography
JULIE Maths French Law Geography
CLARKE Maths Tech/Shop PhysEd Geography
LUCI Maths French Chemistry Music
CHARTREUSE Maths Home Ec PhysEd Music
CORRY Maths French Chemistry Music
LAURIE Maths Home Ec PhysEd Geography
TIM Maths French Latin Geography
LEE Maths Tech/Shop PhysEd Music


NAME Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
CARRIE .English. History Art Drama
FRANK English CompSci Business Physics
JULIE English CompSci Business Physics
CLARKE English History Biology Physics
LUCI English CompSci Biology Drama
CHARTREUSE English History Art Physics
CORRY English History Business Physics?
LAURIE English History Art Drama
TIM English CompSci Biology Physics
LEE English History Art Physics

Extra bits: I actually had lunch staggered, because that’s how it was when I was in high school. But Tim was the only one who didn’t have it between 2 and 3, for the Latin. I also tracked some of the minor characters, like Joe and Sue in Chemistry (recall Part 7, the chemical switch), that concert band was Monday evening (for most in Music), Choir was Tuesday (never a factor), Cheerleading likely Tues/Thurs for a game on Fri (Carrie + Laurie), Track team likely mornings (or Wednesday) not really a factor either.


It’s October 2nd, so I suppose there’s some sense in looking back at September 2016. It had 441 views on the site, with 10 new posts under the new twice-weekly format. By contrast, August had 699 views, with only 5 new posts that month. So, MORE posts now getting LESS views. (Part 59b from 09/09/16 has 7 views.) Two days in September saw more than 30 page views (highest on the 18th, admittedly with 66) and the lowest count was 1 view on Sept 12th. To remove the daily fluctuations, here’s a screen capture of the overall weeks (current to Sept 30):


As you can see, we’ve been on a downturn since the spike to end June (when I guest posted). Everyone who joined via “Legion of Nothing” seems caught up, and… hm, I was going to say “no one new is really checking the place out” but early this past week there was a LoN hit from someone who made it to Part 17 before stopping.

I have had also some hits in from a post in the RRL forums, where kaleidofish gave me a reference (Thanks!), but those viewers don’t seem to get past Part 1. By the way, mid-September I rewrote the first paragraph of Part 1. Doesn’t seem to have helped. I think I’ll keep the new twice-weekly format though, barring complaints?

On a slightly brighter note, I took a trip to BC in September, and I got five new 2016 coins (four quarters and a dime), proving that you don’t have to live in Ontario to get coins minted in the current year. That brings the total to 21 coins (one of those from Hamilton, and five locally in the last week), now including one of every denomination (the toonie was the last).


This really was my school.

Speaking of coins – OMG, my childhood. When I was home for the summer, I found the case for an old geometry set. It didn’t hold mathematical implements. It held the coin tallies from coins I’d picked up in the halls while in high school. Yeah, that used to be a thing I did, picking up coins and looking at dates. I’ve tried to refrain, now that I’m still in school as a teacher, to leave them for the next generation.

The record papers mostly occur at the end of the year, so I’m going to assume it started some time near the start of 1991. Here’s the tallies:

DATE Pennies Nickels Dimes Quarters American*
Dec 23/91 292 12 15 0 17
Dec 19/92 389 13 14 1** 32
Jan 2/94 260 13 7 1 18
Aug 23/94 223 9 14 4 18
Dec 29/94 381 13 25 1 21***

*: American coins were all pennies, except a nickel ending 1992 and a dime ending 1994
**: Quarter marked as being from the coin slot in the pay phone
***: 22 counting a ‘British New Penny’.

I graduated 6 months after that, in June 1995. When found, the geometry case held 14 pennies (one is American), unchronicled. I must have decided to stop after December, but couldn’t quite do it. My childhood, gentle readers! Since that time, Canada began the two dollar coin in 1996, American currency became par with the loonie in 2007 (didn’t last), and our bills became polymer starting in 2011.

One last note before we hit spoilers, the original Computer Science teacher was given a name by me mashing my palms on the keyboard and adjusting vowels. It generated “Mr. Orbison”. Instead, you got “Mr. Burke” because he writes the math comic (x, why?) and is a pretty cool guy on Twitter. (Not saying that just because he let me use his name.)


XoversCSpoilers for Books 1 & 2 may now creep in, as some elements are unavoidable.

Major Plot is finally happening, thanks to Mindylenopia. The original writing didn’t have the emphasis on “Timelines”, with Glen’s idea of preserving “Timeline 3”; Future Carrie had sent Glen back more generically, due to clouded elements in her past. In retrospect, this seems a better way to explain it. My hope is the whole ‘Future Carrie in conflict with Past Carrie’ has been an element since the start of this book – and it will occur again.

The other major change in the narrative was actually Melanie Willis joining Dell Hunt in his musings about the school. As originally written, he was having a dialogue with himself, which, yeah, probably as boring as it sounds. This rewrite gives Mrs. Willis a bit more characterization, introduces Megan later in the scene (not at the start) and ideally made that part more dynamic. Musical pun somewhat unintended.

One other minor insert was due to my August work on Book 4. (I’m 20 parts ahead.) Namely religion, an element I tend to avoid (along with race, which I discussed in Commentary #4) primarily because I don’t know much about it. Yet a character convinced me to at least consider Catholicism, so okay, it’s been foreshadowed. If you were paying attention, you who know I mean. Stay tuned for Book 4.

That’s looking forwards. Looking back, other elements have been falling like dominoes – Julie is back on equal footing with Corry, we know who Glen is, what the deal is with Linquist’s logbook, Lee’s favour was called in, the time machine’s being put to use and everyone’s back in the know… hopefully the buildup was worth it. There’s been less in terms of characterization these past weeks on account of all that, but I still try, like with Carrie’s reactions to Glen. Remember you can VOTE for T&T at “Top Web Fiction” on a weekly basis. And comment, also an option (thanks John “Doc” Golden!).

Parts 59/60 were originally “Power Struggle”, so the new second title was “Under Attack”. Parts 61/62 were originally “The Conspiracy Unfolds Part 1” so “Fragmented Plans” was the addition. This means the next part would have been “The Conspiracy Unfolds Part 2” (essentially making for a four-parter), so lots of new titles next commentary. Oh, and that cliffhanger with Frank? Yeah, you’ll be waiting on that for a while. Sorry, not sorry.

Consolation prize, the original part grabbed “NEXT TIME” quotes to use after a “TO BE CONTINUED”. I present those heading out, with a side note that apparently Willowdale Park used to be called Placid Park; I had no idea I renamed it.

Coming In The Following Weeks:
[at the LaMille mansion] “What do you mean,” Luci began, “when you say that Frank is now somewhere in the FUTURE?”
[in Linquist’s old lab] “In my haste to act, I made a right mess of things,” Julie fired back at Clarke.
[in a warehouse] “You’re right,” Glen admitted. “You’re the one person we can’t risk altering directly, Carrie.”
[in Willowdale Park] Carrie spun to face Glen, placing her hands on her hips. “You REALLY think I’m ready to face Mindy?!”

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