Plot Voting 3

“Time & Tied” Book 2 will be wrapping up this Friday. I need a break, partly because I’m only halfway through edits on Book 3, partly because I miss writing something brand new. (Well, something new that isn’t my personified math webcomic. Feel free to check it out here, it updates on Mondays!) Hence the return of “Epsilon Project”.

LynPlotFor those unaware: The epsilon project was their last, best place for hope. A self-regulating station, tracking right and wrong, located in neutral territory… manned by one Alice Vunderlande. You, the readers, will choose the plot, and make decisions for it along the way. No knowledge of prior stories is necessary!


This time only, that’s more than a week. Normally polls will be open for 3 days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Then I write. Each instalment will likely be about 2000 words, coming out early Sunday morning. I’m rather hoping that the longer initial voting period here might net me more than 11 votes, my previous maximum. Your plot options:

The first topic would lean more to mathematics, the second more “day in the life” of teaching, and the last more the origins for this story itself. All things I know something about, so majority voting will decide.


One of the main characters will be Alijda van Vliet. She’s the depressive hacker teleporter character from Story 1. (Voted top character at that time. Plus I miss her.) Another will be Katherine “Kat” Conway. He’s the pyrokinetic who hasn’t been in any stories before. So, who will the third character be? Your choices (all female):

Some additional information: If personified math is selected, the choice of Para or Expona will likely be made by me, in part due to the plot we get… but if you have a favourite, let me know in the comments. I’m flexible. Note also that if we get “no third character” but the plot “trouble on the station”, Alice Vunderlande is liable to get a larger role in the story. Need clarification on anything? Email, or drop me a comment below!

If you’re not keen on this detour, know that once this story is done (which could be anywhere from 10 to 20 parts) the plan is to resume “Time & Tied” Book 3. If you ARE keen on the voting idea, check out “Redwood Crossing” where the author is doing something similar every week! Either way, I hope you’ll stick around here. Remember:


Thanks for voting!


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