Wish Fulfilment INDEX


WB (Writing Bufferless) presents…



Story 2 of ???


The Epsilon Project. A self-regulating station, tracking right and wrong, located in neutral territory – and manned by “Alice”, aka Alison Vunderlande. It assembled a group of people to deal with a Roman Numeral plot at Big Ben. Now, it has detected another problem.

This is the story of that smallest of the greek letters. The year is 2015. The name of the place, is The Hub.



The Epsilon Project has determined that an evil object is granting wishes – on a fantasy world. Two people who function well without technology are sent to investigate. Can they get along with each other? Will they find the object, and is it really evil? Also, seriously, who runs this Project??



SIMON … A Magician


(For more in-depth character information, see this page.  Each instalment is roughly 2000 words.)

*WARNING: Chartreuse in this story comes from the end of “Time & Tied” Book 4. To totally avoid spoilers, you’ll want to read that first.



1. Magic Man

2. Nobody Home

BWishesC3. Elf Help

4. Pan Handling

5. Deep Thoughts

6. Passed Tents

7. Pink Link

8. Evil Wins

9. Trial and Error

10. Magical Girl

11. Hard Truths

12. Reversal

13. Out of Frying Pan

14. Into Fire

15. Future Tents

16. Alternative Reality

17. Simon’s Travels



    1. I’m pretty sure this is a “spam” comment, not only because it was flagged by my filter, but because there’s absolutely no mention of “what I’m saying” plus it’s on an INDEX page, rather than a page where I’m, well, actually writing anything. That said, I’ve allowed it through because it IS a point I’ve been considering.

      The couple images I locate (or draw) aren’t totally random. I usually try to have one closer to the start and one later on. Would one image be enough? Is having ANY image actually of interest? The main reason I’m not ALL text is so FB and Twitter posts have a graphic, to draw attention. But do they add to the story? Or remove your ability to imagine things? I’ve also tried to streamline the homepage a little by adding in “READ MORE” tags, to have less of a wall of text. Other readers – feel free to give thoughts.

      Of course, before this comment I’ve only ever HAD two unique individuals leave a comment before, in 11 months of work, so, yeah, another reason to let this comment through may be I’m getting lonely.


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