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Welcome to the mathtans Serial Story Site! Stay for tales of time travel and urban fantasy. Choose your interest below.

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The currently updating serial is: SMoon: Marmalade Mercury.

Time & Tied

An egocentric cheerleader finds a time machine, and everything changes for her and the other teenagers around her. Because a future war is spilling into their present. (First draft was written in the year 2000.)

Completed, at 96 parts. Sequel in progress (offline).


Epsilon Project

A mysterious station tracks irregularities in the multiverse, and tries to fix them. To do this, it recruits characters from other words. (ie- From my other stories/roleplay.) Readers vote on the plot going forwards.

Six stand-alone entries completed.



From “Virga Mysteries” to old Fanfics to roleplay campaigns to pun-filled parodies, here’s some writing reruns that get published when my life gets busy.


Author Asides

Posts going behind-the-scenes of “Time & Tied“‘s 20 year history, “Epsilon Project“‘s plot choices, statistics for the website, and more.

Any ~Qs

Personified mathematics (located on another site) began as a serial in 2011, and eventually became a 4-panel webcomic. Nine series’ completed. Presently on indefinite hiatus.

Thanks for checking out my work! I also contributed monthly non-fiction reviews to the Time Travel Nexus website, if that’s more your speed, and have catalogued all my writing around the web.